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Desmond Aldridge.

Quick Sample Downloads:
Vampire Palace Drama (ARPG)
Mermaid Sandbox (Sim + ARPG + Idle)

Game portfolio.

"Ruins of Necrobury" |  Tile Based Puzzle Game

Core Gameplay Mechanics  Puzzle Design  Level Design  Animation State Machine  Narrative Design  UI/UX 

"Dragonwings : Etherea" |  Physics Based Platformer

Core Gameplay Mechanics Level Design  Animation State Machine  Data Wrangling  Narrative Design  UI/UX 

"Who Goes There?" |  Level Showcase

Level Design ✓ Level Mechanics Content Design  Narrative Design  UI/UX 

Writing Samples

WRiting samples.

Thank you for taking the time to view my writing samples. While some of these were written as demonstrations, the majority are sourced from unpublished projects that I created 'on spec.' Please feel free to request complete GDDs, bibles, or any additional documentation you may wish to further review.

Barks, Flavor, Exchange, Exposition, Subtext, & Immersion

Vision, World-Building, Catalogue, Art Brief, Development, AGILE


Screenwriting, Mise-en-scène, Premise, Plot, Dynamics, Story Arc

Web & App


Console, Web, & Mobile Applications

Ducky Debug CLI

Command line interface to perform the popular practice of 'rubber duck debugging' within the terminal, replacing the need for a physical rubber ducky by one's computer.

Text Based Farming Game

Command line interface, text based farming game made entirely in C#. Incomplete but features resource management, shops, exploration (procedurally generated wilderness, village & farm), as well as narrative & lore.

Fact Check AR

iOS app that augments a display of fact checking metrics 

pertaining to certain political figures, anchored to particular

portraits of the political figures. 



Daily Planner


Scheduling app designed for a standard work day. It allows you to write and save entries for 8 available time slots (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.). The current hour is always highlighted and distinct from both upcoming and previous entries.

README Generator


Command line program that generates a README file based on user input. I implemented this using JavaScript (& markdown).



Trending topics aggregator, full stack web application. This was the final project of a coding bootcamp. My contributions was being responsible for - and the sole programmer of - the app's backend. I programmed the entirety of the server-side using JavaScript (Node.js), Firebase (only for authentication), and MongoDB. I also contributed the coding to connect to the frontend using the frameworks Axios & Material-UI.


Performing as an emcee for a stunt show in Dubai.


I'm a game & narrative designer leveraging 18 years experience in the entertainment industry and the performing arts (SAG-AFTRA). I am a recent graduate from Full Sail University, awarded salutatorian, with a bachelor of science in Game Design.


Coding bootcamp (through UT at Austin) early in the pandemic.


Candid selfie, my version of 'writer-programmer'.

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